Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is important to your dog's health and choosing a groomer can be difficult. Just like your own hair, you don't want just anyone to groom your doggies. Here at Telma's we provide a complete service to make that decision easier on you!


Our SErvices

  • Complete shampoo

  • Complete blow-dry

  • Flea shampoo

  • Medicated baths

  • Nail care

  • Hair styling

  • Ear cleaning

  • Anal gland expression

bathing - Nails - Ears

  • The frequency of your dog's baths can very between two to six weeks depending on your needs and the type of dog you have. 
  • Dog's nails do need to be cut every 2-3 weeks. Allowing nails to grow too long also allows the nerve inside the nail to grow too. The more frequent you cut your dog's nails the shorter they can become. 
  • Dog's ears, just like our own, need to be taken care as well. Dog's can carry mites, bacteria and infections in their ears without regular cleaning.