Cat Grooming

Telma's Pet Grooming has the best cat grooming in the area. Telma is a professional who knows how to calm the even toughest cats. We understand grooming can be stressful for cats and so we work on each cat on an individual basis for the best grooming service possible. 


Our Services

  • Slow, gentle comb-out

  • Complete shampoo

  • Complete blow-dry

  • Nail Trim

  • Ears and eyes cleaned

  • Sanitary cuts

  • Tummy shaves

  • Comb-out only

  • Demat

  • Nail trim only

  • Feather Shave (simple clean up including in-between toes)

Bathing - Blowdry - SHave

  • We use shampoos and/or conditioners to take care of your cats.
  • We use a slower drying process to relieve the stress on the cats. 
  • We can give your cats a full body shave, a lighter trim and just about any haircut you desire.